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Emotional impact of puberty

 Most parents will agree that the emotional intensity of their child is the thing they struggle with the most. The moodiness is difficult to keep track of and to understand. “One important aspect of adolescent emotional development, all too familiar to parents, teachers, and others who have to deal regularly with teenagers, is a natural proclivity...
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Play ideas to support preschoolers’ cognitive development.

"Play is the natural way young children learn. Even when it looks like preschoolers are just playing, their brains are hard at work putting together vital knowledge about the world. Here are play ideas to support preschoolers’ cognitive development. About preschooler play and cognitive development Preschoolers are like little scientists – they want to learn how things work,...
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Cognitive development through puberty

 With my oldest son the first sign of puberty was when he could not stop himself from making sarcastic comments in most interactions with him. He especially enjoyed taunting his younger brother. This was very unlike him and at some stage I asked him why he is so sarcastic and argumentative and his response was...
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Being a teen – Introduction to the turbulent phase we call puberty

I found reading the articles about the brain and teen development through puberty and how it influences many areas of development fascinating. Maybe it is because my boys are in the middle of this phase and it made me understand a few things about teen behavior so much better.  Robin Nixon (Adolescent Angst) says: “After...
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Risk taking behavior during puberty

For me risk taking is the biggest fear I have about the turbulent teenage years.  All stats show that there are a lot of deaths in the older age group (15 – 19) due to this. Contributing factors include, speeding, drunk driving, alcohol and drug use etc. “The brakes come online somewhat [restricted] later than the...
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Permissive parenting

Permissive parenting is one of the four main types of parenting styles. It's characterized by a laid-back, carefree approach to raising kids. While permissive parents tend to be loving and affectionate, there can be some serious long-term consequences to children who don't receive enough discipline. Check out these 10 signs that may indicate you are...
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