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ASD Communication and Behaviour Service

Information Sheet 

The ASD Communication and Behaviour Service is for families of children and young person’s with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who are under the age of 19.

ASD Communication and Behaviour Service

The ASD Communication and Behaviour Service provides support for the development of positive communication and behaviour skills for children and young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder, with or without an intellectual disability.

It is delivered by IDEA Specialist Services and is now available across New Zealand
What the Service Offers

Our goals are to:

  • provide early support to children and young people to improve communication and behaviour
  • reduce the likelihood of the child getting frustrated, anxious or angry by providing advice and tools to assist in communication.

We work alongside other services across a range of settings important to the young person:

  • at home
  • in education
  • health
  • in the community

What we offer:

  • early assistance: we are not a crisis response service but can assist before concerning behaviour grows.
  • individual assessment for families with tailored solutions to meet each young person’s needs.
  • workable strategies and training to ensure families can confidently address communication and behavioural issues.

How is the Service Delivered? 

Our service is flexible and we will work in the ways that best meet the needs of each family.

Our team will work with each family to assess the specific needs of the child or young person and develop a strategy that addresses their circumstances.

Contact with families will be intensive for about three to six months, with regular assessment of progress.

The programme is run by IDEA Specialist Services - a small team of highly qualified staff with experience working with families and children with ASD.

The experienced lead workers are supported by our staff who have psychology, speech and language therapy and behaviour analysis training.

Who can Participate?

Families of children and young persons with a diagnosis or probable diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who are under the age of 19.

Where is the Service Available?

The service is available across New Zealand.

How do I get this Service?

Families can be referred to ASD Communication and Behaviour service by:

  • A paediatrician, psychiatrist, or a clinical psychologist or with appropriate ASD experience and expertise
  • ASD Developmental Coordinators from DHB’s
  • Local Ministry of Health Needs Assessment and Service Coordination agencies (NASC). Contact details can be found online at under “contact details”.

For General Enquiries:

Contact the IDEA Specialist Services ASD referral coordinator:

  • Phone: 0800 273 7587
  • Email:    

This service is funded by the Ministry of Health

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