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Ten Great Ways to Help Children Relax

Top Ten Relaxation Techniques for Children There are many techniques children can use to reduce thir stress and relax. Depending on the child, some may work better than others. Try teaching your child one or two of the following techniques to begin, and then gradually add in more as he or she feels ready to...
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More Activities….

  1. Build a toy car racetrack out of old boxes, paper towel rolls and other repurposed materials.
  2. Make a target with chalk on a blackboard or the sidewalk, and then throw wet sponges at it until it disappears.
  3. Set up a glow-in-the-dark ring toss—use dollar-store glow necklaces or bracelets as rings.
  4. Organize a massive water...
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101 Activities

101 things you can do with your child:
  1. Go to the library – stay for story time Bake something, anything Construct something with blocks or Lego’s Read a book Draw/Color together Go window shopping Host a play date with their favorite friend Dress Up together Go Sledding Build something in the snow (fort, snowman) Go swimming (indoor or outdoor) Have a picnic (outside or on the...
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