Our Values

The PARENTS-Я-US community is a positive, supportive community.

We  welcome comments that are empathizing and understanding.

We understand that there will be days that you do not particularly like the behavior challenges that you are facing in your very strong willed child.

We acknowledge that if you are experiencing a very challenging day and you make a despairing comment that that is just a comment in the moment and not the way you feel about your child all the time.

We also know that there are moments as a parent that you are so proud of your child and you just want to share that with the community. We accept that you being proud of your child's achievement does not relate in any way to another parent's child.

On this site you can get support and suggestions from other parents and myself as the site administrator. If the answer to a question is too complicated for us to figure out I will research and if necessary find a 'specialist' to help us explore the issue.

Everything on the site is a suggestion that you can try. Some will work, some won't. Some will have to be adjusted.

For certain issues the information on this site won't be enough. It will just point you in the right direction. Sometimes you will have to see a professional for guidance or a more specific piece of work.