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Ignore, redirect, time-out and consequences.

You are one of the inner voices in your child’s head.

A few years ago I developed a group program for children between 8years and 14 years old to help them learn social skills and emotional regulation. One session we did on social skills was to do a creative painting session with some positive and negative feedback loops. The purpose was for the children to understand how...
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Parenting styles

"The type of discipline you use can have a dramatic effect on your child’s development. Your discipline strategies can have a big impact on the type of relationship you have with your child. The various approaches to discipline can even influence a child’s mood and temperament into adulthood. Researchers have discovered four types of parenting styles....
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Time out as a consequence

"Time out can be an effective discipline strategy when used effectively. Although it is important to consider your child’s developmental needs when establishing age appropriate consequences, usually time out is effective between the ages of 3 and 12. Time out can teach your child new behavior management skills when it is used properly. The reason that...
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"Ignoring attention-seeking behavior is a very effective discipline strategy when it is used appropriately. It can help reduce certain behavior problems, while also teaching your child appropriate ways to gain attention. When combined with other discipline techniques such as praise, reward systems, and time out, selective ignoring can be a great tool. Selective ignoring can teach...
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Positive parental attention

"One of the most important thing parents can do to make discipline strategies more effective is to build a positive relationship with their child. One of the simplest ways to build a positive relationship is to spend quality time with children. Offering them positive attention creates an environment where children become more eager to please,...
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Authoritarian parent

"1 "My Way or the Highway" Authoritarian parenting is one of the four main parenting styles recognized by researchers. It's characterized by rigid rules and high demands. Authoritarian parents have high standards and can be highly critical when those standards aren't met. They also tend to offer less emotional warmth compared to authoritative parents. Read on...
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Thoughts on discipline

"My confession: I yell at my kids. I yell in the house, sometimes closing the windows so the neighbors won't hear. I yell in the car. I try not to yell in public, but I'm great at that poisonous, through-the-teeth hiss that's almost as good. I also threaten to withhold treats, to send a misbehaving...
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Thoughts on Consequences

"In an article by Jenny Runkel, a teacher in Atlanta, Georgia and member of The Scream Free Parenting Institute, she shares her experience of learning an important concept about giving consequences to children verses relying on logic and wisdom. As a teacher and parent, she was reminded of a lesson that just about every parent...
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